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The Financial Needs Of Your Business Are Unique

That’s why it’s important to find an experienced and knowledgeable CPA who will take the time to understand your business and your goals, and find the perfect balance to keep your finances afloat. 

After over 25 years of working in a variety of financial positions, including business valuations, forensic auditing, asset based lending, and even beginning in small business accounting, I’ve found my passion is helping small businesses. Coming full circle in my career, I’ve returned to small business accounting and consulting with a wealth of experience in a variety of industries and different levels of financial institutions.



– In-depth financial analysis

– Accounting software*

– Company payroll processing

– Tax preparation

– IRS representation

– CFO services

Cash flow forecasting

+ Budget-to-actual reporting

+ Labor cost management

– Financial reports

– Budgeting

* Quickbooks Online (appropriate version) and other software, if appropriate for duration of client relationship. Client will become financially responsible for subscriptions, directly with software vendor(s) upon termination of client relationship.

Why Your Small Business Needs a CPA

When you need help with your company’s finances, your first instinct may be to hire an accountant, but accountants don’t have the same level of qualifications and experience a certified CPA can offer.

Licensed CPA

Once a CPA receives their license, they must always continue their education in the field in order to maintain that license.

A licensed CPA is guaranteed to be up to date on all tax laws and financial regulations, and has the training and experience to perform more in-depth analysis of your business’ finances. Unlike a regular accountant, a CPA can also support you in the event of an IRS audit.


When you choose a CPA to handle your small business’ accounting, they will:

  • Be more familiar with tax laws related to your small business
  • Continue their education to stay up to date on tax laws and the finance industry
  • Perform in-depth analyses and help you make high-level tax decisions
  • Support your business during an IRS tax audit

Let me use my 25+ years of experience to help your small business run smoothly, so you can focus on what you’re passionate about!

Michael Sordillo, CPA Small Business Accounting Services

Accounting Software for Small Businesses


Using an accounting software can greatly help you keep track and maintain your finances, but choosing, implementing, and maintaining accounting software can be a daunting task and often takes hours to learn and understand. In order to save you time, I offer Quickbooks Online for free to all of my clients. This accounting system is accessible via your laptop, tablet, or smartphone, and the only requirement on your time is to provide a password and some account information. Simple enough!

Schedule a free consultation with me today and find out how my accounting services can help your small business grow!